Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Spend Month: Days 2 and 3

Maybe it should always be no spend month: On Wednesday, I got a sewing machine; yesterday we got free cheesy bread from Papa Murphy's (for filling out a survey).

But the best one so far came on Thursday. We did a channel scan earlier in the week to see that all of the major networks were available without cable. They were, so I planned to call the cable company and cancel our cable (keeping just internet) because our introductory rate went up.

Well, Thursday night we realized we had more channels--including both networks that carry our favorite football and baseball teams back home! We hadn't been able to watch them previously, and we don't care about sports in this state (sorry to be blunt, but it's true!), so it's like a little taste of heaven...or at least home!

Mr. J did spend $2.88 on a pop and a treat at work, but it was a hard enough day for him, that it was worth it. We also went grocery shopping. $50 got us all the staples (including meat) that we'll need for the month, so it's basically just milk, produce, bread, and eggs that will have to be picked up weekly from this point. Over half a tank of gas that will probably last another week...I'd say we're doing pretty well.

Today is the first college football game in our city, which means ten bajillion people running amok, lots of drunks, and drivers who forget how the whole driving process works. Needless to say, we're hiding out until the game is over! Luckily we have books and movies from the library to tide us over! :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Spend Month

Well, after admiring the No Spend Month idea on Small Notebook, it looks like Mr. J and I are in for one of our own!

Today was payday, but his paycheck was way small. Why? Catching up on insurance for Sweet Pea, plus our insurance doubling--yes, doubling--to cover her sweet little bottom.

She's worth it, but it was quite the surprise, let me tell you.

We could move money from savings and go about our month as usual. But we worked hard for that money, and we want to keep it there!

So, here's the plan:
-Reduce grocery budget by 25%
-No individual "blow" money for the month
-We're not going home, so hopefully that's one less tank of gas
-Minimal discretionary spending

What is "minimal"? I guess we'll find out...

How did Day 1 go? I got a sewing machine.

Yes, you read that right, I got my very first sewing machine and not a penny spent! Thank you leftover Target gift cards from relatives after we'd already bought all the baby things we needed!

I made grilled sandwiches and soup for supper (all ingredients already on hand), Mr. J is "watching" baseball online, and soon we'll wrap up the night with some reading--school stuff for him, recreational for me.

Day 1: $0
What a fun challenge awaits! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Six/Seven Week Stretch

Sweet Pea has become increasingly fussy, needy, and difficult to manage.  I blame my mother's recent visit and give-her-the-pacifier-at-the-slightest-sound philosophy; before that, we never used a pacifier (and had no desire to start) and our little girl could self-soothe.  Now, if I set her down she becomes Mr. Hyde.

Mr. J and I had a very long night of trying to get the poor thing to sleep.  She's overtired from not letting herself sleep, but tiredness begets more tiredness and...well, let's just say the whole Jorgenson household is feeling it this morning.

But she's just so darn cute I can't stay upset! At this point, the pacifier has been hidden and we're just praying that she'll forget its existence...and start sleeping through the night!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let the Decluttering Begin!

I am a girl on a mission: to strip this apartment down to comfortable efficiency.  I don't want to get rid of so much stuff that we feel like we're lacking, but I want to make it sparse enough to run more smoothly and feel bigger.

Welcome to Fall Cleaning 2010!

So, drawer by drawer and pile by pile, I'm off.  Today, I randomly started with kitchen utensils drawer.  I don't have tons of gadgets and doodads in my kitchen, but it's frustrating to have to rummage in search of something.  Here's how I did...



With seven items removed (and an entire knife block on the counter that will leave once I invest in a chef's knife), it's only a small start, but it only took two minutes.  Two minutes and my home is already seven things lighter.

What can you do with two minutes today?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy Season, Easy Schedule

I'm a sucker for back-to-school time.  Fresh school supplies, new routines and schedules, the smell of fall in the air...I love it all.  This will be my first year without back-to-school of my own: I always had school, then college, then one year of working at a school.  Now it's just me and the baby, and she's going to have to learn to hold her head up on her own before we can go about any sort of schooling! :D

But it is time to add some routine to our days.  Her sleeping and eating patterns are becoming more regular, even if the timing varies day to day.  I can't create a clock-based schedule, but here is my day-to-day plan starting next week when Mr. J goes back to school:

  • Wake-up (about 7): feed Sweet Pea, get her ready for the day, get myself ready for the day, pack Mr. J's lunch, take him to the University
  • When we get home (about 9:30): a little play time, another feeding, morning nap
  • During morning nap: housework, write blog post/check email and such
  • After morning nap: go for a walk, Songs and Stories time (this is the part of me itching to start schooling--we'll read picture books and sing hymns, etc.), lunch time for me, more play time, probably more feeding, afternoon nap
  • During afternoon nap: my Bible time, work on writing project (I fancy myself a novelist these days) with goal of 1000 words a day (but I may have to work my way up to that!), free time or work on projects around the house (organzing, sewing, I'm dying to rearrange the living room...again)
  • After afternoon nap: play time, a quick tidy-up, start dinner prep, pick Mr. J up from University

Loose but hopefully productive!

What does your schedule for this fall look like?


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