Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Spend Month

Well, after admiring the No Spend Month idea on Small Notebook, it looks like Mr. J and I are in for one of our own!

Today was payday, but his paycheck was way small. Why? Catching up on insurance for Sweet Pea, plus our insurance doubling--yes, doubling--to cover her sweet little bottom.

She's worth it, but it was quite the surprise, let me tell you.

We could move money from savings and go about our month as usual. But we worked hard for that money, and we want to keep it there!

So, here's the plan:
-Reduce grocery budget by 25%
-No individual "blow" money for the month
-We're not going home, so hopefully that's one less tank of gas
-Minimal discretionary spending

What is "minimal"? I guess we'll find out...

How did Day 1 go? I got a sewing machine.

Yes, you read that right, I got my very first sewing machine and not a penny spent! Thank you leftover Target gift cards from relatives after we'd already bought all the baby things we needed!

I made grilled sandwiches and soup for supper (all ingredients already on hand), Mr. J is "watching" baseball online, and soon we'll wrap up the night with some reading--school stuff for him, recreational for me.

Day 1: $0
What a fun challenge awaits! :D

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Gretchen said...

Ooooh, have SO much fun with that! How wonderful! Looks like you got a good model too!!! Good luck with your challenge...sounds like one that hubs and I could use!


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